Hello, and welcome to FroZyogo, founded in  Roswell,  Georgia  in 2013. We take pride in providing the most delicious self-served frozen yogurt and sorbet. Most of our flavors are hand-blended, with a unique taste and quality.

We have various flavors and toppings to make the perfect frozen yogurt for you. So come on by with the family and enjoy our premium flavors. We'll have a cup ready just for you. Just pick your cup and add your favorite toppings. You will also love our frozen pies. We'll be happy to take custom orders as well. But in the meantime, take a look at our site and check out some of the cool facts about our yogurt and events we have at our stores.

We take pride in ourselves on having high-quality frozen yogurt. Here are 5 reasons why yogurt is good for you: It burns fat, builds muscle, provides protein-defense, has 100,000,000 probiotics per 1 oz. serving, and it is rich in calcium.

Thanks for visiting us. We're excited to see you and your family soon.

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